Exoplayer about 10 or 15 minutes the application closes when the screen turns off

I have now tried an ogg file and another wav, I have left them playing at the same time. It has endured without closing. It may also work on your devices that when the screen is in sleep mode stops sounding … You can try.
ExoTest.apk (7.9 MB)

I had already tried this (by placing a 1 sec silent WAV file to ExoPlayer3.Source, ExoPlayer3.Volume = 0, ExoPlayer3.Loop = true), but unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that the sound (OGG file) starts to stutter after 50 -60 seconds after the device goes into sleep mode.

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Kodular is currently using ExoPlayer version 2.8.2 (2018-06-06)
I got a hint from @Boban how to find this after decompiling the APK:


The current ExoPlayer version is 2.11.3 (2020-02-19): ExoPlayer/RELEASENOTES.md at release-v2 · google/ExoPlayer · GitHub

I really hope @Kodular updates the ExoPlayer to this current version soon, because the ExoPlayer version 2.8.2 is completely unusable due to the issues in background / standby (sleep mode).
As long as this has not happened, I must continue to use the TaifunPlayer (for gapless looping) and otherwise the Player component.


I’ve opened an issue to track this:


See also here:


It’s nice that there exist a library version which contains bug fixes.
The bad thing:
All new exoplayer lib versions use android x.

We still dont use android x.
Means we can not use the newest lib from exoplayer.


Which means we have to wait until Kodular targets Android Q (API 29):
compileSdkVersion = 29
targetSdkVersion = 29

True? If so, when will that happen?

This have nothing to do with this.
Iam talking about “Android X” as library system.

We still use android support libs.

Ok, thanks.

Are you planning to use the new AndroidX library?
Or is there any other solution for the ExoPlayer? It would be a shame if it could no longer be used. Because it is currently completely unusable.


@Kodular it might be a good idea to add the version into the documentation for the exo player component as well as for other components, which use other libraries…



Humm, there’s no way to do it without tricks
I’ll think about something by this week


Yes, good idea, but unfortunately that doesn’t solve the problem … :sob:


but it will reduce detective work for the next time… :wink:


And use version 2.9.6? I think it’s the last one without androidX. I don’t know if it would solve the problem.


Yes, there were many bugfixes between version 2.8.2 and 2.9.6, maybe one of them fixes this problem. ExoPlayer/RELEASENOTES.md at release-v2 · google/ExoPlayer · GitHub


This problem is related to the doze mode of Android 6 and later
Please do and test what you said in this video carefully
لطفا کارهایی که توی این ویدیو گفته رو با دقت انجام بدید وتست کنید

There already exist a topic about it.
Please search first. Thank you

Hi @bodymindpower,
Could you describe the problem better? With player component or @Taifun player extension the song go always in loop, if we use some chinese devices?

Thank you in advice.

PS: I’m asking about it because I want to switch from Exoplayer, and I want to know if the player component and taifun player works good.

I have posted on these questions several times, see e.g. here:

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