Export file.txt

I send a txt file on ftp, the file created contains:
barcode | quantity
barcode | quantity

in going to head it creates spaces and others to headsimport.txt (90 Bytes)

Do you know what is done in that block that you showed?

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the replace

And what is exchanged? And what is being created in the wrong txt?

the txt file is attached:

barcode | quantity
barcode | quantity
barcode | quantity

in going to new line, it creates empty spaces for me and after the last line it creates an empty new line

What’s wrong ?

the program that imports this text file, wants the file clean, with no spaces, no special characters, no lines at the end, please forgive me but I don’t speak English well and I use the translator … the program runs on windows, it it takes the barcode from this text file and applies its associated quantity.

So, clean the spaces.
" " To “”

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what is the value of your global variable lista?
is it a list?
what about providing a screenshot including Do it result of that variable?
if yes you might want to use the list to csv table block to conert the list to a csv table