Extension list permission

I made a list of extension

Please tell me if any legal term am I missing
If not close the topic and unlist

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what exactly is a “list of active extensions for App Inventor”?
you are listing 4 extensions?

is this something like an extensions directory?
if yes, see here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps which lists more than 625 extensions…



I am adding
Will be updated shortly
I will add new extension daily

Now 8 :yum:

Is I missing any legal terms

May i ask why you make such a list? The list from @Taifun is the most extensive there is. Why would people use your list?

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Looks like people wants to have own extension directory too. :man_shrugging:

it seems to get more and more popular to put together an extensions directory? :rofl:
you might want to read this

There is already an encyclopedic extensions directory available, which is here
App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps, which lists currently more than 625 extensions. I’m collecting links to available extensions already since the extension feature was introduced in App Inventor in 2016.

As you just said, you are listing currently 8 extensions


  • How do you want to find links to extensions without copying the links from my site? And do you think, this would be morally and ethically correct? I don’t think so…
  • Are you ready to keep up to date with your list and this not only for a few weeks or months but for years?



According to me you are saying I am trying to copying your list so it’s false I am reading and updating

I will try

I did not say people to my list
I am creating it for me for a project and I only asked if I am legally doing right
And if people want to use use it it’s public but mainly list is for me

For my work then yes

I respect your hard work always if you want I will not make it public


If you don’t post direct links to the extension then you won’t have problems.

But ethically?

Then no.

I did not post direct links

What this means

For which work?

You know you can’t earn money by sharing our extension links if you plan that.

It is wrong as behavior.

Never I am Indian and never try to eat someone money

For a project can tell you name

Why it is wrong