Facebook ads fill rate problem

My facebook banner ads fill rate always between 3-5%
How I increase this?
Please help

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well i think this is the wrong community to ask this question, because its not related to apps with Kodular, you should ask this to any facebook ads related community or try to find any groups related to ads on facebook,

You should contact to facebook

Best guess, not a quality app for Facebook to put their ads in. What app are you talking about?

This is news app.

That doesn’t say anything. Show a link.

I Dm you of my app link

You can post that here. Ask FaceBook. I still think your app is not interesting enough for them. One in a thousand app.

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Do like this you will get the reason.

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It show: Couldn’t find relevant ad.
But I see
In my phone show every time banner ads
And my dad and my sister phone not see any ads any time mean fill rate 0%

Post a link to your app on the Play Store or wherever it is published please.