Facing Issues In Notifier Progress bar

Guys please check this picture and tell me anything wrong is there or not. Because i am facing issues in notifier progress bar component. It is not getting dismissed. Simply rotating continuesly. What to do?

It is because you have not dismissed notifier before opening other screen

I already tried but its not working

But that does not look in your blocks.

This is the issue. It is what Sunny said (@vknow360)

You have a condition that is opening another screen without closing the notifier. You need to close the notifier BEFORE the screen opens. You are closing it as a part of the condition.

Look guys now tell me whats the mistake

Well you have a problem with the spreadsheet component.

Obviously the value is not being received. Disable the notifer blocks and ensure that the spreadsheet component is working properly.

I would not put that in a screen initialize. I would use a procedure or a clock

Spreadsheet component block is correct. I cross checked. But may be the problem is in notifier itself

No it is not in notifier.

Show that you are getting the proper value from the spreadsheet

If I am not wrong I have read somewhere that airtable component can only receive maximum 1200 values at a time.

You are right brother…thats why i am not recieving any data may be