Facing problem with Google SignIn

This is my app SignUp page

The signup with details are working fine but after signing with google it success but when i open my app agin then it takes me to the SignUp page again

these are my blocks

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After signing up you should open a log in page which should be ur screen 1

My screen 1 is splash screen

i want screen1 to dectect google sign in and open home otherwise open signup page

Add this block in Screen 1

blocks (21)

And this one in Login

blocks (19)


Ok iam trying

1- verify if your tinyDb receive data correctly
2- verify you sign-in button, db1 always saves data not only if textbox isn’t empty. It’s your goal?

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Did it worked ?


It works thanks for help and can you do me a favour i dont want to use two clocks it gives me error how to use both signin option in one clock in screen1

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@Amanur You can now remove that clock 2 component and blocks from your application :+1:

Now it will work in with just 1 clock component !!!

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clock2 is for google signin and clock1 is for details signup but i cant use both clocks it give me eerors so i have to remove clock1 and details signup dont work after removine cloack1

Add this block at last of your SignIn Button blocks :point_down:

blocks (22)

and now remove clock 2 component and blocks !!!


ok Iam trying

It working thanks buddy you just made my day I was trying to fix this problem from last 2 days

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Can you post the final blocks ?

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So, you don’t need email of user and you always save in db1 number from textbox .
what happens if you try to click button with empty string ? Your number in db will be saved as empty string

The last 2 tinyDb1 in sign in button have to go with open another screen , in this way your control is right :+1:t2: . If all the 3 textbox isn’t empty then you can save data and open another screen .

You cant login with empty details it will show error message


@Amanur I sent you a message on your pm can you check it :sweat_smile:

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