FadingEdgeLayout Extension

can someone make an extension like this

need it … if there is an extension maker like this please send me the extension link … Thanks

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There is changes in gradle According to your reference… I think which is not possible…

But you can create custom fading using animation utils… By overlaying fade img to the Vertical Scroll Arrangements

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but i can’t scroll ScrollArrangement

What yoh have tried?

Yes, I tried it a few minutes ago

Would you like to share your blocks?

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And @Quicky_Superglad you can use scroll handler extension as it provides fading edge on 2 sides

Help me


Can you share your blocks and designer part because I don’t have my laptop…

how do you touch the cardview button?

with your reference using the scrollHandler extension
I thought scrolling would work but how could I touch cardview?

Have you used gradient color in it of its image?

You can check my apk

Btw can I get sample apk of your reference project… means of GitHub…

ScrollHandlerExtension is good but can the fading color change


But can you help me in finding apk in the reference of your GitHub project .
Because I want to that is it possible to scroll from faded edges…means starting position of scrolling is faded area…

And in your app have you used color or image for fading…

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I’m using normal android functionality to achieve this instead of the git library you shared:

FadedEdge.apk (5.0 MB)

Is this satisfactory?


wow … that looks good …
how do you do it :grin:

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I made an Extension, I’ll PM it to you.


okay thanks … you’re so kind … :grin::pray:


this is amazing :grin:
TEST_FADING_EDGE (17).apk (5.1 MB)

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