How to fade out an image in kodular?


Here is an example of what I want to do in my application using blocks.
Any suggestions or ideas on how I can do it ??

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Use scroll handlers extension for that and enable this property image

I think it can’t be done with blocks (not 100% sure). The effect is already in the image.

Have checked the extension.

Yes, Johan Henrique want to reproduce the fade out effect as in the image. He doesn’t want to move the image.

I saw the arrows on the image so I though if its scroll arrangement then it might be helpful.

Yes me too, :joy: :joy: but I read again the topic and understood what I wanted to do

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@themaayur is correct as it is possible with the extension he suggested but it will fade the edges didnt give the black image effect on the edge…

you can use fading black image to overlay in the edges using animation utils

or (i’m not sure about this because i have never used gradient color)
you can use gradint extention to create following color
black black black(little transparency) black(more transparency) and the transparent and then vice versa
and in the end you can overlay it…

it will be little complex to manage arrangements but read below :grin: :point_down: :point_down:

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I’m not sure what exactly should be achieved, but it should be easy to do something like this with:

Mabe you can send a test aia.

i think this extension will not work for this…


As I said I’m not sure what’s about:

The user want a fade out on imgae, I didn’t think he want animation.
Anyways let the @Johan_Henrique reply

yes i know but i was just telling :innocent:

Look at the question:

That’s exactly what I have shown.
Maybe it’s better to wait for a reply of @Johan_Henrique.


Yes because sometimes it happens that question is different and suggestions are different :joy::joy::joy:
We must wait


Take a horizontal arrangement and set his background image as your needed image (fade image) and set buttons on horizontal arrangement as per your need and set button event to scroll by horizontal scroll handler extension .

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This tip of yours and a few more changes of mine worked, being able to do this effect using the gradient extension, thanks


Which extension have you used for gradient??

I found this guide which has extension too.

imposible you do by kodular because kodular cant lay the componet apart