Filling out google forms

Hi, I desperately need a solution for this.
What I am trying to achieve : I need to collect user data like name, email address via google forms
What I am stuck upon : I am displaying the form via webviewer, but I cannot do one thing; to close/hide the webviewer after the user has successfully submitted the data.
Solutions I thought of:

  1. To somehow code the webviewer in such a way that it recognises that the user entered the data successfully, and hide.
  2. To create a form in the app itself, and automatically enter the data user entered and inject it into data fields in the form using web viewer without user knowing.
  3. To use API?

Can anyone help me?

Hi @Brain_Flare_Creation, welcome to the community.
Can you show me any screenshot that can help me understand better?

This is form that I want to fill.
My objective : Users should fill this form in the app, then after they fill the form and submit their responses, the web viewer component should hide (visible=false). Can webviewer be adjusted so that it can recognize that the user has submitted the form and hide itself?

Or if that’s not possible, can I configure the webviewer to insert values by itself in to the form?

I don’t think it’s possible. You can make a simple sign up system on app itself.

yeah, but I want to collect that sign up data using google forms… So there is no way? Can I create a sign up system on the app itself and use webviewer to insert that values into google form without the user knowing??? something using this : App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Inject | Pura Vida Apps

can I take value from the form I create in my app and insert that values into google forms using webviewer with user not knowing? something using this: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Inject | Pura Vida Apps??

You can’t. I prefer using In app sign up and Log in form so that I get power to use those data according my need. As you’re using Google Form, you can’t call any data and use further.

see my spreadsheet example here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps, which also uses a Google form



Taifun, is there a way to update a google for without publishing the spreadsheet as a webpage that could potentially put me at risk for a data leak? I don’t need to update lines or delete entries, just update fields in a form and submit. I tried using this method

But it never actually submits the form. There may be spaces in my responses since I have some comment fields in the form that my users fill out.

this looks like a great solution… unfortunately there is no aia file available to test…
it looks like you have a bug somewhere?
for questions you might want to contact the author of that solution

Would having spaces in my entries cause an issue?

sorry I don’t know…