Firebase Auth logout problem

Hello, I need help regarding Firebase Auth.
I tried many things couldn’t solve.
Problem is I added Logout option when user clicks Logout from Side Menu Layout but it doesn’t work. Used Tiny DB clear all block nothing happens.
To logout I have to manually clear data and thats annoying and complicated for users.

Can you show the blocks as to where Title comes from.

Can you show the Firebase Auth blocks as well please

One more thing. If you are using TinyDB as a temporary cache, you should clear it on application start, not on close. If you do it on close, you will end up with problems when you have an ungraceful close, such as battery out, crashes etc.

You said I should clear at first it means when Screen initialize right?

The best way is to create a proceedure that is called from Screen .initiialize

But yes at the begning when the app starts. Never at the end because you have no control of how the app ends.

A few more things.

  1. I see nothing about firebase auth in your blocks . Maybe I missed it. Can you highlight it please
  2. This wont work

You need to close one screen after you open another or you will have problems.

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Okay, I’ll let you know. Thank you so much.

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Bangladeshi? :neutral_face:

i have done in my app and working

see there is logout option

Can you show the blocks?

yaah sure i can but i am in class, si give you idea-

when screen Initialize if user sign in then open another screen else Login in screen…

for logout- if button click user logout and exit.

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I did same thing but there was problem thats why CIAN told me to correct. If you could be more specific or show blocks.

Logout does not work all the time because the battery can run out on the device, or you have bug or segmentation fault that crashes the app

You should clear your login process when the app reboots.