Firebase error help

Guys, can anyone help with Firebase?
When I did the registry system, the user logged in, wanted to log out, logged out successfully. Good so far. However, when the logged out user logs in with the new account, the label they saved for the first time remains, but it changes the email and password to the email and password of the new account. How can I fix this problem?

In such case clear the tinydb datas by using the block,tinydb clear tag… You wont get such thing again

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Do I add it to the block where the exit button is clicked?

I will enter the tag where I entered the usernames in Tinydb?

Yes of course…

You can use simply clear all, unless you didnt use anyother tags

ok thank you very much

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I did what you said but it didn’t work. I used the clear tag and cleared them all. But there was no successful result, the problem continues

Show us yoir blocks… Certainly it will work.


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How to solve the problem

Why are you using two tinydb??? I mean two components… Single component is enough… Show me screen init. Upon screen2 open, use one label to catch all tinydb values. So you can cross check whether any residual data is remaining which is yet to clear

In this block Firebase error help - #10 by Anar use one clock to timer

Onclick the logout button, use the same except open another screen block.
Call clock to timer enabled to true
Set timer to 1000/2000/1500

When clock timer
set clock timer enabked to false
Open another screen

In designer part untick both options for clock