How to Clear App Cache Programatically

How to Clear App Cache Programatically.

I am using firebase login. Th option i selected doesnt have the Logout feature. Please give any solution to clear the app cache.

In screen blocks you may find an option for open app setting, but cant clear automatically, must do that manually and firebase has option for logout in firebase authentication

Firebase authentication have the logout option
But this option is available only if a user sign up with email and password option

If we use login with google. There is no option for logout. I mean the logout block is not working.

Hope you understood my problem. That is why I want to clear the app cache programmatically in the logout button

then you can use tinydb for this kind of work like while sign in store user in tinydb and next time app open check tinydb has data then go to 2nd screen, on logout btn just clear that tiny db and take user to screen 1, and when user comes again tinydb didn’t find any user so it ask for login,

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Will try and let you know

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i have used it before and works perfectly fine, all works on depends on tinydb, while logout just clear tinydb, on next call when tindb will be empty it will ask for login

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