Firebase Authentication - After Logout, Call Sign-In

I am using Firebase Authentication in my app for Google Sign in.

I wanted to make app users, able to select and sign in with a different Google Account after they logout from the app. But the same account is logged in automatically when they again try to sign-in.

Here are the Blocks :

This is on Screen Initialise.


and this is afterwards


How to call Choose Google Account Dialogue box after logout, if a user wants to login with a different account.

Change Your Block


i did not get it, what to change here, can you explain more please

Currently isn’t possible :confused:

are you sure ?

The only solution I know is erasing the application data

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yes I know that, i thought it is possible through blocks anyway thanks

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I think this happens only when phone has just one Google account.
It automatically sign in with that account.
I am not sure:sweat_smile:

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No, i have two accounts in my device, it still logins with the previous account and doesn’t show google account choose dialogue,

Is it a bug ?

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Same #Kodebug

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Then the only way to do it is to clear application data.
Either internally or externally

Can we clear app data internally ?

I have the same problem.

I need the app to sign in to another Google account and there is no way to select the user. Even logging out.

Really in my understanding is an issue that can be improved, is the suggestion.


Not the best way out, but it works.

Every time I need to login with a different user, I go to the account settings on the mobile and remove the other users, leaving only the user I need to login to.

With this the app always asks which user I want to login.


  • Anyone managed to solve this problem in another way?

-How to select another google account after logout?

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Same problem is happening with me also!

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Use TinyDb component and two vertical arrangement in Screen1 for sign up page and home page.
It may be work.

No it won’t allow user to logout


How to set firebase rules so that only authentic users can write in database

This has been answered many times before. Please use the search facility.