Firebase Auth Not Working, java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method isAtLeastR()Z

Hello coders,
At the end of the month, we switched from the premium account to the free version. I made a deal with my friend and moved all the programs to another account and got a bonus for the email we just passed. However, when we try a program, it gives a working error in the login and register sections. Thanks in advance to those who know.

operating error

An error occurred while initializing the Google Play Services connection: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method isAtLeastR()Z in class Lcom/google/android/gms/ common/util/PlatformVersion; or its superclasses (the ‘ ommon.util.PlatformVersion’ declaration appears in /data/app/ ~~eeRbaEdMHmmlog0hF92h6A==/ Ohc9IWAmrtHg==/base.apk!class3.dex)


For those looking into the issue, I located a Stack Overflow post and it seems that this is because of a library issue.

Thank you for your attention but I don’t understand how to do it :sweat:

Not you; this is a bug in recent updates (probably). There may be a bug in the existing library of the componet.

So is there anything I can do but wait?

Probably, until a developer looks into the issue…

Not sure what your issue is, but you can try using Firebase Auth via Rest API with the default blocks, instead of Firebase Auth Extension.

Here’s a guide:

I never did it myself, because the extension was working fine last time I updated my app, but I’ve tested it a bit and everything in this guide seems to still be working.

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I just tried generating a new APK for my app that uses Firebase Auth Extension and it seems to be working just fine. So, maybe I’ve misunderstood your issue and the guide I sent has nothing to do with it, but I hope it helps anyway.

I used it in my projects quite often and it works with the Web component, just that some functions are limited, such as Google login with the OAuth prompt that we all know.

look into the other 2 threads, which reported the same issue here