Firebase Authentication Bug

Hey Kodular,

I search many post by this topic . Many People saying about that . Please read carefully and understand our problem

Steps :- 1. At first i drag and drop component which names " Firebase Authentication "
2. Then I go to Firebase Website
3. Create a new database and select andriod , Give Package name , Click next ,
Download json file . In this way i complete and get json file
4. Now I Upload the json file in kodular
5. Next i Download keystore , Get Fingerprint ,Store fingerprint in firebase
6. Set the block as a google login By following this post
Problem Solved : Sign in with Google with Firebase Auth Component

Problem :- The google login is failed . But i enable google login in firebase authentication section .

When Problem Arraige :- When I upload the apk in playstore

What I Want :- Slove my problem as soon as possible

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I have solved this bug or problem.You have to do listed following-
1.Do not rename google-services.json file.Leave it undisturbed.

2.Try all blocks of firebase authentication.Do not use some blocks.

3.Always upload latest json file before compiling apk or live testing.

Has your problem solved?

no not slove

Can you send some screenshots of blocks?

See My main Blocks

All blocks

Its working when i using kodular apk but not working when i use play store apk means after download from play store

There is too many similar topics about this. sorry, please follow the conversation here and try the solution mentioned by @plang58

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I see it but not understad what to do after i get sha1 key in app singin in play store.i want steps about it .tell please

take the sha 1 key from the play console of your needed app and put the sha1 key in the firebase whitelist in the google auth section.

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Watch this video

I found my whitelist in Authentication>Google Singin>Optional Whitelist (Right ?)

No thing in this video .I alreday Watch

Amazing same video blocks work for me.
Are you sure?

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Yes i am sure .same blocks work for you because You not publish app in play store

There you put in your new sha1 key from the developer console

Yes Thanks .Its Work for me

As I am verifying, the firebase database is even not working, unable to store the Tag and values.
Both New and old projects are with same issue, no error is even showing. Please check

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