Google Login does not work when I download the app from the PlayStore


I have a Google Login built into my app. I did after the instruction of the Kodular Docs.
Everything works fine, but only if I download the app directly from the Kodular …
But when I download the app from PlayStore, the Google login will fail.

I do not know if that’s because I’ve added 2 apps in the Firebase project that both have the same fingerprint. I think because I copied the app to make an extended version.

Thank you in advance…


same problem

you have to put your sha 1 key from the google play console into the whitelist in firebase.There is a older post from a member about that . In your play console you will find from your app the sha1 key, theese key you have to put in the whitelist in firebase. Look for that and do that, than it should work.

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Please Give me a Older Post Link where i found this

SIr i did it but not working

This is the correct solution since the sha1 is changed after the app is available in play store

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SIr please tell this

First All Thing is working fine .Then i download app from play store and then now what i do ?

1.I get sha1 key from app singin in play store now where i paste it ?

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