Firebase hacke 3 time delet all data

3time someone delet my firebase data any way or anyone can say how to secure my fire base kh

Is this an earning app?

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For now set your Firebase Database read and write rules to false or set authentication.

if i do this user data not count

If you want so then what do you want to do?
1.Protect your firebase
2.Use database without security

Use… Firebase authentication extension mixtrix or something from that u can generate tokens… so. That hacker will not know what is token number…

And better to use cryptography extension
Encrypt your API key from website with encrypter and use decrypt on app

can you help me if i give you my aia
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how to use the cryptography extension 4 this can u tell it here please everybody will find it useful

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You liked my reply so I assume this is an earning app. Keep in mind that earning apps are not allowed neither from Kodular nor from Google itself and your accounts can be banned because of that (both your Kodular and Google Developer Account).

Also be careful who you share your source code with (.aia file) don’t just hand it over to anyone asking for it.


Since you seem to admit it is an earning app in unlist this.

my app is related quiz and math game not earning app i know earning app not allow

Can you show some screenshots on how it looks like?

lol desing :grin: