Firebase - How to remove braces and quotes?

how do I remove this bunch of braces {} and quotes"" ? is there any filter that removes this?

You can try this block:

You have to put a few of these with the symbols you want to remove and a empty text block for the replace.

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And Reading…

as I remove the keys and quotes when firebase receives the data, without using the replace all text block, because it only removes 1 option

Use this block

Replace all text to the text which you want to replace
Segment to "
Replacement to set blank textbox

but this block it only removes 1 item, if it has, how do I add more items for it to remove?

Use this block three times
First time for "
Second time for {
Third time for }

Are you using web component to get data from firebase ? Because this is in json format.

You could use call web.Json Text Decode text block to decode json and get a list of lists

Else use replace all mappings block


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