Firebase list data already exists

First of all, hello, I save my firebase data as a list, the user adds a cat, for example, it goes up to 5 as cat 1 like this cat 2, how can the user be called a registered cat?

cat mean? there is no such value found in your sample photo


Like this

Then everytime before you submit the value in fb, just call it and compare with input… if it matches, alert the user else continue to save it

I couldn’t understand how to compare without getting value from Firebase

My problem is that the following tags are cat1 cat2 … cat5, their values ​​are the same, In other words, it will check the value of all cat1 cat2 to cat5, if the input and the values ​​are the same, it will give a warning.
Note: kedi=cat

Before you use the block store value, you must use the block get value

After getting value, compare the saved value of fb and the users input value.

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