Value check on Firebase (Without Get Value)

There are values already added in firebase.
When adding a new value, I want it not to add if that value has already been added.
Is it possible to check if a value exists without get value on the firebase?

Use the get value block, check whether the value exists if no then add the value if yes then do not add the value

I want to know if this is possible without using get value block.

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If the tag and the value are same then it wont matter,
for example :
there’s a value 1234 stored under tag A
so if later on you try to store the same value 1234 under the same tag A it wont be stored.

But if you change the value 9876 and store it under the tag A it will be changed

The values I use are in the form of a list.
I need to check whether the value to be added is in that list.

I’m sorry but you will have to use get value, i don’t think there is any other way to achieve what you want.

Altough there might be a workaround to it, are the values that are added added by the same user?

Yes, same user will be added all values.

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Add them to the tiny db too, create a list in the tinyDB and keep adding there, it will be easier for you to check whether the value already exists or no. This wont work if you can login to the same account from different devices,it can but the procedure will be tedious.

Also if the data is cleared from the app, it wont work. You will have to get the list from firebase when the app starts and store it again in the tinyDB


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