Firebase make a list problem with two screens

Attention Please!

hey can anyone help me with how to get the data in the project bucket, because I have 3 project bucket
the first one is the districts and the other is places rest is blood group

I created districts in a list. places in another list (using make a list) when we click register all the data were stored in the firebase menu. but the problem is when we pick the district in the list view I cant view the places in it.

register and search both are in a deferent screen
I leave the screenshots here

also here is the aia please anyone correct the blocks
Thank you for your time

Place and districts problem.aia (355.4 KB)

Under district bucket you have blood groups and under blood group you have places.

So, to get places, first you have to choose blood group from which you want to get places.

Or in firebase, you can store places under district.


Please check the aia, because I created places in make a list from the first screen. I need to view when we pick a district in the list, the other list must to fill with the places in the district.

Can you edit the aia and send back to me ? Please


blood.aia (356.1 KB)


almost done. but there is a problem, cant view the name in the list view. the others are great! thankyou!

and I have doubt too, as you mentioned earlier how about changing the place under the district?

while storing data with make a list block:


first item district
2nd place
3rd blood group

I have done that too… but nothing displayed
did you check your aia. It a bug or my mistake?
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thank you for your help, you’re so talented