Firebase not adding the new data with the previous data

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I want to save the data to firebase by adding the previous data and present data but it replaces the previous data with present data.


If anyone can help me!! it would mean a lot to me

You can use append call Firebase.Append Value block



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as it was saying previous value is empty so i set its initial value to some small number but when i try to append it again says previous value was empty but it is not empty in the Firebase
i have set its inital value to small number so that it wont make error but still the error persists.



Did you debug it?

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nope, couldnt find its solution still saying previous value empty

Is your value stored in the correct path? In the place of use append , use a label and try to get the value in a label. If so your path is correct. If you are not getting value then there is a problem.

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Read carefully the topic - scroll to the end of guide and you will find your solution

i checked this guide and it is saying that append will add it in new list but i want its value to get added like if inital is 0 then when i click btn it will add 2 to firebase and its firebabse value should be 2, again when i click btn it should add 2 to firebase and its value should be 4

i tried to get the value and it was showing 0 for all but in db it is in like this form !

Stored value by the app wont be look like this,. Manual value only will seems to be like this

Finally this seems to have worked for me now, idk how its working but it is​:laughing:, thanks to everyone

This is what tried to tell you you set firebase token as device id. That is your problem

:man_facepalming::joy:, sorry, i just realized, thanks

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