[Free] Advance PDF Creator : Encrypt / Decrypt PDF , ImageToPDF , WebViewToPDF , Print PDF etc

This will be cool and better @Shreyaa

Creating pdf from table view will be great and very useful also :pray:

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This is my full block shreya, when screen initialize i use request storage of your extention but error has same

@Shreyaa It is working :smiley:


Shreya my problem solved, thankyou for replies

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Can you please share the solution it can help others also.

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Annotation 2022-07-11 105028
Annotation 2022-07-11 110532

@Shreyaa :orange_heart:


I have a little problem with printing. I can save a PDF, that works. I can also retrieve the PDF, so the PDF is definitely saved and available. However, when I want to print the PDF I get the following error, even though the file is there: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not getting anywhere. Thanks already.

I have Android 12 and it does not work even after exporting the app.

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good job but you could help me create a pdf file by LayoutToPdf thanks

Add “/” before the name of pdf

For example:


Thanks a lot… worked excellent


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Why this extension is not working for me i want to convert layout to pdf i used same blocks like you used in above screenshots can you help me out?

Please add this support

Think you for best extension

Can i save pdf files in a file in storage (Documents) and not in android/data file?

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Pls send your block , its helps for me for save pdf :sparkling_heart:

Beautiful Extension

solve this.same problem for me

does not create any pdf

its extension is incredible! Congratulations!
I’m using the “HTML To PDF” block, but the statement only reaches a certain amount of characters, resulting in a PDF creation failure.
The custom HTML code I created is over 3500 characters long.
Would you help me?