[Free] FlipBook extension

Create your magazine or your brochure with Flipbook extension. Simply add the images set some parameters and voilà that’s it.

  • Activate or deactivate the zoom, manage the ratio and set the overflow

  • Block to manage assets-

  • Unlimited slides

FlipBook.aia (436,4 KB)

com.appybuilder.chiccovision.FlipBook.aix (17,1 KB)

Built with: AppyBuilder Code Editor

My personal opinion about the thread extension vs blocks is that it is
always better to use blocks, instead of extensions.
See example of @TIMAI2 about my ImgToBBHost extension.
Extensions are often just shortcuts, but in a tool like AppInventor2, created to teach, many times they are inappropriate.

Regards Marco.


NIce extension @marco_tanzi . I will 1000% try it :grin:


You always amaze everyone @marco_tanzi

:v: :heart_eyes: :+1:

this is much similar to this - [PAID] BookFlipView - Make your Image Curl - #68 by mannankhanabdul

i think you mean ImageMask

and btw super great extension!!!

Good work and extension :+1:

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Nice Extantion Great

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You are helping make Koders dreams come true, thanks a lot!


Great extension

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AWESOME n awesome :sunglasses::+1::100:

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can i connect this spreadsheett?

i did not understand @Shatrudhn_Kumar

can i connect this extension with airtable?

I don’t think you understand this extension this extension gives you the effect of turning a page in book

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Yes easily make a spreadsheet with image links

Yes It airtable response Is an image link

This is a really good extension. But some optimization problems are there… ( like screen arrangement up and down unnecessarily) etc. Plz fix it…

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There was a paid extension ztn and you released the even better and free one
great congratulations
thanks for extension @marco_tanzi
:100: :100: :100:
thank you


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