[FREE] KevinkunAirtable extension

V2 Update 2020/12/24

  1. fix bug of “can not update value with space”, now in the formula, use " and " to quote the value with space.
  2. add perperty of FetchIdAndTime. if set to true, in the SelectFinished event you will get ‘id’ and ‘createdTime’ for each record.


  1. add method ‘UpdateById’ and ‘DeleteById’ for update or delete one record, which is faster than by filter.2020-12-24_200214


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Why another extension about Airtable?Because this one is different. This one can select/ insert/ update/ delete according to your filter/condition. You can add or delete records freely, NO NEED to take care about the row number changed or not.

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Initialize the extension

Same like other Airtable component, get your API Key, BaseId, TableName from the airtable website.

Select records


fields: String. or called “column names”, Format like “name,age,phone”. Leave it blank for all fields

filter: String. condition the records have to fit. Format like “age>30” or “OR(age>20, age<50)”. Leave it blank for no special condition. For more info, please refer to here

pageSize: Number. how much records returned one time… Max value 100.

offset: String. If the records fit the filter more than pageSize, you will get an offset at SelectFinished event, use it here for more records.

sort: String. the records will be ordered on this field. Format like “age desc” or “age asc”

count: Number. how much records selected.

records: String. Json format. it’s a json array of dictionaries.

Insert records

records: String. Json format. it’s a json array of dictionaries. Format like [{“name”:“Jasmine Lake”,“age”:43,“phone”:“513937”}, {“name”:“Ava Sharp”,“age”:21,“phone”:“293309”}]

IMPORTANT: If you want to feed this param with List component, remember to check “Show List As Json” at Screen1 Properties panel.

count: Number. how much records inserted. if count=0, means no records inserted.

Update records

filter: pls refer to Select part
NOTE: ONLY up to 10 records will be updated. if more than 10 records fit the filter, there will be Error Occurred.

formula:String. How to change the data. Format like: "age += 1". there are spaces before and after the “+=”。 Now the accepted operators are +=,-=, *=, /=, = for number field, and to for string field.

count: Number. how much records updated. if count=0, means no records updated.

Delete records

filter: pls refer to Select part
NOTE: ONLY up to 10 records will be deleted. if more than 10 records fit the filter, there will be Error Occurred.

count: Number. how much records deleted. if count=0, means no records deleted

Error Occurred

message: String. Error reason.

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aix: AirTable Extension - 浮云小站
demo aia: Airtable.aia (67.1 KB)

Bug report

if any bug, please tell me here.



@Kevinkun Congratulations. can you add output screen shot is better to presentation.


data loading speed will be same?

Can you elaborate more about this?
By the way nice extension

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Great extension.

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Hi, this will explain :

If you have more than 100 records (age>20), you will get an offset (not empty) in SelectFinished event, then you can use it for next time select.

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Can you added filter with word option.& that extension will be fast more that kodular airtable extension?

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Would you pls give more about word option?
the most useful filter for string field is like name=“kevin kun” or FIND(“kevin”,name)>0

Maybe someone can give a try for the speed test.

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I am telling about this.that was very helpfull.thank you for creating such a great extension.

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Good Job :thumbsup:

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This extension is awesome thank you so much
This extension also support send text to airtable in language (hindi,urdu,marathi like almost all)
I tested its work perfert



Thanks you for your test and feed back. How about the speed compare to the build-in one?

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Good job! Thanks for your contribution.

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:+1: :ok_hand: :+1:
Say, I want to sort all the list with a particular word…we call it tag/categories in blogging…is it possible?

It would be a great extension if,

  1. Loading speed is good
  2. A video demo for all features of the extension (showing how it works)
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Can you please provide an aia file

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Do you want to get the records with one column containing some special word? use this as filter: FIND(“kevin”,name)>0

For speed, the select and insert shout be fast than update and delete.

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demo aia uploaded at end of first post.

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Thanks for your feedback.
This is a small bug: You can not use space in the string value when update or delete
For now please use this to avoid this error:

Maybe fix this bug next release


Does this increase the speed of loading data from airtable ???

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no. This use same api with build in component.

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