[FREE] System Media Player control extension

This Extension allows your application to control the system Media Player.
The idea arose from this topic .
I do not give a description, since everything is obvious.

Player Control:
Player Control
Volume Control:

Note : Not all system Players support external control. Depending on the manufacturer of your device, some or all functions of this extension may not work.
Some devices may not have volume control and may operate at a fixed volume, and may not enable muting or changing the volume of audio streams.
Also, on some devices, it was noticed that the first command "Play " does not work if the sistem Player is stopped.

Current Version: ScMusicPlayerControl_V2.aix (7.2 KB)


Great extension @ScorpioNormal :partying_face:

Nice extension!

These blocks work (checked with Companion):

But you should mention that MaxVolume is not 100 (like in the Player component). In my case (Galaxy Note8) max vol is 15. Is is always 15?

The other methods don’t seem to work (AI2, Companion).

Nice Extension :100:

Nice work and one more good extension

The maximum value may differ depending on the model of the device. Use the GetMaxVolume property to determine the maximum volume value


Great Extension :100:

It’s not about the application, but whether the installed player supports System Key Event.
Most players support external teams. For example, it allows you to control your music player from a wireless headset. It works for me on Samsung and LG devices.

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@ScorpioNormal, really it is an amazing extension. I tried it. It’s working is superb.

One small suggestion, create a function which checks the system and prepares a summary that shows the list of controls can be controlled or uncontrolled on that particular system.

If you do this, please don’t forget to message me about the new feature.

All the best.

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I’m not sure if this is possible to implement.
The key event will be sent to the current media key event consumer which registered with AudioManager registerMediaButtonEventReceiver.
Therefore, it depends on the implementation of the music player application, not on the system. We will not know if the player is subscribed to listen for key events or not.

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