[Free unlimited storage] Use Telegram as a free and unlimited cloud storage


Is The name of my new app this app in my opinion is a unique app cause with this app you can convert your telegram to an unlimited free cloud storage .

let me show you how to do this

  1. open your Telegram app and search for ‘Botfather’ in the Telegram search bar or type (@BotFather) bot would be like this below

  2. Select the first result and click on Start.

  1. Click on the command /newbot .

  2. Type a name for your bot and then specify a unique username like this image below… and after that you have to copy the <bot:TOKEN> is would be like this 123456:ABC-DEF1234ghIkl-zyx57W2v1u123ew11

  1. Click on the command /setprivacy and choose your bot and disable it
    6)Click on the command /setjoingroups and choose your bot and enableit it
    7)creat anothe bot with same methods above

  1. Click on the new message icon and select the New Channel option and Give a name and add a description for your channel.

9)Now, choose the Private Channel option and do not choose any contacts.

10)open your channel and add the two bots that you created before as an admins

11)send any message to your channel and redirect the same message to this bot @userinfobot after the you have to copy this your channel id it would be like this -1001774971380

let’s go to the app:


  1. open T_Cloud app and in the first textbox paste one of the two <bot:TOKENs> and the 2nd textbox paste the other <bot:TOKEN>, and in the 3rd textbox paste you private channel id like this -1001774971380.

  2. be sure that all keys is correct

  1. and finally BOOM your free unlimited cloud storage here all files would be sent to your channel if that that means that all things work well

  1. here an example of uploading file:

5)after file was uploaded direct link of the file would be appeared and you can copy this direct download link of the uploaded file

Apk file here hosted by this app :

to test it with your own keys

Apk file custom version

APK file custom version another link

to upload files without sign your own keys

And files would be uploaded here in this telegram channel

Fixed version
another link fixed version

and finally , soon i will explain how to use this cloud storage in your app to host your files (images , videos, audio ,and othe files)

thank you very much for you attention

and here you will find some information about Telegram bots
Telegram Bot API


Sounds promising. Definitely gonna give it a try.

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Can you share the aia file for this app? That would be helpful.

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I Intended to do that But soon there will be another guide topic in it l will explain how to use this cloud storage as a cloud like firebase, Google Drive,or other cloud storage servics ,and in this topic I would definitely share the aia file and I think would be helpful more On the contrary letting you confused by that method .

And another reason for not doing that in this topic that is the aia has some of my API keys and unique IDs.

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Did you use fixed version or custom version?

hello, could you make a video teaching how to configure please?

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Ok I Will do that and I will upload video to my channel :point_down:
My YT channel
And add the video to the coming soon topic

Why would I customize it?

@Help I mean which version of these apks do you use

Fixed version and also custom version not working. I am using Android 11

Both of them not working :flushed:,
I am confused cause both of them works fine with me and I checked them again and test them on 3 cell phones and the results are that there is no problem happens ,
really I don’t understand why this not working with you :thinking:

You may try to give access to internal storage permission manually this may works

can you get the link to the post through the app??

but can’t we immediately upload the file to telegram. why complicate. or i misunderstood

The difference is after upload your file you get a direct link so you can use it in your app to download through the app or even show images through there direct links
And with this method you can use telegram as you cloud storage this is the difference point

Do you mean API post method

Very nice idea. Congratulations <3

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I wanted to get the post link through my app

Please can you explain more what do you mean by post link