Galaxy 1.0.1 - A click toggler 🥳

:milky_way: Galaxy

Galaxy provides you with a total of three events and procedures that can toggle if a component is clickable or long clickable. The only reason I came up with this small extension is because long clicking on components you never want to long click on causes your device to vibrate if enabled.

* Excluded from my open-source policy.


Delegated when a component that was registered as clickable, was clicked.


Delegated when a component that was registered as being “fully clickable,” was clicked.


Delegated when a component that was registered as long clickable, was long clicked.


Set whether the given component is clickable.


Set whether the given component is “fully clickable.”


Set whether the given component is long clickable.

If you have version 0.1.1 or are starting with Galaxy, it is recommended to download Galaxy 1.0.1! The minimum API is 21.


Nice extension :star_struck: :star_struck:


wow @hammerhai you have launched 2 extension at one time
BTW nyc extension


That’s @hammerhai power :muscle:

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Version 0.1.1

  • Bug fixes


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Dear, can you add a block for double click event?

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No, because that is your job.

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nice extension but the link is broken can you please re upload it

It is not broken…

oh sorry ,my bad :grin:

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Can you add full Clickable and on touchDown and touchUp
Great extension thanks

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Full clickable is actually very easy to add and I can experiment with it, however don’t expect it to be stable at first.

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something look like this??

No, this is completely different. Your post is getting reported for promoting another extension in someone else’s topic about their own extension.

You are mistake. User has the rights to suggest or ask if they found similar. If not no issue. Let the painter paint. You know your algorithm. As a user when we see outside the both extension it seems to be similar. I am not good in Java or extension development.

Mods will decide whether i am promoting the extension or asking

It doesn’t matter if you’re advanced in either of these… The blocks look completely different.

It doesn’t matter if you’re asking… It you are promoting, people are going to click on your link. There was no need to ask, it’s nowhere close to the extension you promoted.

Still you mis read my post.No issue.
Your extension is free, the extension i asked about (found it while searching for another extension) is paid one. If so users will prefer yours or paid one?. If you ask me i will say free only.

But then if you knew developers would choose the “free” over “paid,” then why’d you even “ask” about it. There’s nothing similar, it’s clear in their screenshots of the blocks.

:package: Galaxy 1.0.0


:new: ADDED

  • ComponentGenericClick

  • SetGenericClickListener – This is similar to the “Full Clickable” property for card views.

    :information_source: Setting enabled to true will result in only the arrangement being clickable, not it’s children views. The “Clickable” property for the arrangement doesn’t have to be true.

    :loudspeaker: Suggested by @Bharat_Android_App_Develo!

:pencil2: CHANGED

  • Now “ClickUtilities” is named “Galaxy”

    CAPTION: New icon and new name!

  • OnComponentClick is now ComponentClick

  • OnComponentLongClick is now ComponentLongClick

  • The clickable and longClickable parameters are now named enabled

  • The package name is now com.github.flailingoctopus.galaxy

  • ToggleClickable is now SetClickListener

  • ToggleLongClickable is now SetLongClickListener


Very need func/) :+1:
CardView no need, but already it doesn’t work )

has wrong type ( (expected:

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