[GAME] Impossible Rush - v1.0

Just a simple game, Hit the turn button to turn the box and match the color with ball color to gain score. That’s it !

Check it out : ImpRush-v1.0.apk (5.0 MB)

If you find any bugs feel free to report under this thread !

Here is the aia for Kodular : ImpossibleRush.aia (23.4 KB)


Congrats Broo

Which builder did you use? You also posted this on the App Inventor community together with an aia.


I like this little game. Very difficult. For me at least.

I cheated :sunglasses:


I like it! I’m a fan of simple and interesting apps. It kept me playing for a while.
How about you add a button to rotate the square left and right instead of only left?
Also, it will be more challenging if you lose at the first miss, like Flappy Bird. No lives or anything, so people will compete for the higher score.
Nice idea!

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How did you do that? :thinking: :rofl:

I downloaded the aia on the App Inventor forum into Kodular and attached a textbox together with the score label. :crazy_face:


If you try to switch ‘ON’ the Split Mode in your device, it becomes even more harder to play the game. And that also without editing the aia file :sunglasses: . Try it. :joy:

But as the app’s about section shows its for learning purpose


This was built on Kodular and aia is compatible with all builders as I used basic components !

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This game exists on Google Play made by AlexBrown86. Anyway a great game.

My suggestion:

As a person with protanomaly it is difficult to distinguish red from green. So if there would be a colorblind mode with higher contrast, I wont loose time to figure out if the ball is red oder green.