Generat QR code nor responding

Does anyone know why ( generate QR code) not responding?

You probably have to many/big assets

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It is working for me. What is not working precisely and what are you trying to build. Big app etc. etc.

how can i know my assete size ?? :thinking:

How big is your project aia file, secondly you should know what you are uploading to assets

what about labeling assets size? :smiley:

What do you mean

I think you want assets size feature in :kodular:

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This is what I mean

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Yes, that would have been a good thing maybe also some other info such as, pixel size of the image, etc

However, I don’t know if it is doable

You can calculate assets size by extracting .aia file

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OK , I hope that
my aia file is so small (843 kb )

It should not be an issue for building with that small aia, something else is going on


my assets file size is 800 kb after extracting

It means there is no problem with your assets

there is no app inside app problem :grinning:

What is app inside app problem

yes i know what you mean , i just tell you its size