QR code is not Generating and Apk is not downloading

Qr code is not generating and apk is not downloading and also aia file is not downloading since last 2 days .Nothing happen aftter 100% . I tried other browsers and clean cached files too . I waaited for 1 hour but the problem is same . My apk size before this is more than 20 mb .

No problems with other aia files .

Please someone help with this . I spent more than six months on this project .

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I hope you have made regular backups of your most important projects?


How big are your assets

32 images of 24 mb .

How about deleting a couple of them and try again

Kodular apk limit

I had downloaded AIA file last night.

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24 mb each? or total?

What matters ? size or files .

Then how much the size should be ?

Any other solutions except removing myassets files cause i need them for my app .

Yes! Reduce their size!

How about this:

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