Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

Forget it, from the first day I request Paypal and they are not interested. I have my projects kidnapped and I have the will to pay for the extortion, but they do not give ball.
For a few days they have been censoring my comments


As I said before and I will say it again.

“Kodular is a platform to learn not to earn”

You can earn a few bucks on Kodular, but can rely lifelong on it.


And what about those who never intended to earn, but to learn.

You’ve nothing, but limitations on every step.

And, some premium users are also insulting (using abusive languages) free members. This is the outcome I received from Premium, as a member. So, after this, do you think the platform is still a reliable place to learn?

This is real naking me feel like trying other platforms such as Android Studio etc though I have never thought about this but at this moment I have to.


You see.

There are many things in this world that will distract you from your Goal, it’s you who have to keep track of the success of your Goal.

There may be some abuses. But Kodular is the best thing we got after Android Studio.

So it is useless to cry rather than just go with the flow.

Learn on Kodular and Earn on Android Studio.

@Diego can you do something reagards this progressive commission rate due to storage permission bug can’t update apps please consider this issue​:roll_eyes:

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This is a big point to ponder

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


@dora_paz Hey, my last post is flagged. Can i know reason?

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I would appeal to a little sanity on everyone’s part. This situation benefits no one. I think the best thing to do is to focus the discussion on technical issues of kodular and to try to solve doubts and questions (by everyone, users and staff) to make everything work as well as possible. If users raise criticisms about technical issues in a polite way they don’t have to be banned. And on the other hand, the staff should try to give as much information as possible and be transparent to avoid uncomfortable situations. Information is the best medicine for all these situations.


Dear Diego
I`m an Iranian teacher that always used Kodular for non-profit purposes. And I need it now too much, but my country is under sanctions and I can not pay the premium account fee! How can I use The Fantastic Kodular?


Sadly there is no way.


You can use Kodular with in the limitations applied or you have to pay.

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As annoying as it is you can migrate to AI2 which is primarily for educational purposes. It has no extension limits.


See! As expected, they have deleted my comments. I told you! They are against Human Rights.


This is an important observation​:+1:

And once again: wait, they are working to stabilize the platform. There are priorities and those priorities are being fixed


Any (reasonable) reason this post got flagged? I don’t think so.

In addition, some (probably unwelcome) posts have been deleted.
As was to be expected, the restriction of freedom of expression continues unhindered.

This has been happening for far too long. We will no longer tolerate that and will no longer allow it (neither here nor anywhere else). It has to stop and it will stop.

PS: I am the husband of Anke (bodymindpower) and have only recently joined Kodular. But what I have already seen here in terms of manners and restrictions on opinions is frightening. It’s embarrassing for people to let that happen.

By the way, Anke told me that her account was (temporarily?) blocked and she can no longer create posts. So much for dealing with users / former moderators who have done so much for Kodular.
It’s a disgrace!


All of you need to take a step back and try to understand a few things.

The moderators are just volunteers, not paid employees. We have no obligation to always agree with Kodular, and our views don’t always reflect those of Kodular or Junnovate. Neither do the moderators find pleasure in excessive and/or needless censorship.

Posting off-topic sarcasm, seeding dissent, being rude, and other low quality content is not a human right. Any constitutional right is specific to a country, and Kodular Community is subject only to its own ToS and respective jurisdiction where applicable. Hailing from XYZ country does not grant you special treatment when it comes to moderation.

As for the special case of Anke, it is quite the shame. I used to look up to her because she is a respected member of the AI2 community, and has made immense contributions to the platform. I’m afraid these contributions do not exempt her from the rules of the Community. She had already received a warning but continued to post things that contribute nothing to the Community, instead getting others up in arms. As she is now a moderator on a competing platform whose entire business model is copying Kodular, her actions can no longer be chalked up to mere carelessness.

I am sad it had to end this way, because I believe that genial discussion, debates, and indeed disagreements can be fruitful.

I’m locking this thread so that we can all take a moment and put away our pitchforks.