Get signed user info

i want know how i can get signed user username and set on screen2 and add name and photo of sender on chat.
follow aia attached
rename file to aia(remove .zip on file name)
Instadrugs.aia (1).zip (1.0 MB)

Just use (open another screen with start value) block
blocks (2)
In the screen2 blocks use get start value and select item from list
blocks (3)

and to set it?

Looking at your aia you are using tinydb to store username and picture when signup is success and on Screen2 you are calling tinydb to get those values. Isn’t this working ?

picture is working correctly but username is getting value if tag not there

Check if its working correct :

Instadrugs.aia (1.0 MB)

If working correct mark as solution…
And What about your app name : InstaDrugs… Seems like selling drugs on instagram… :laughing: :rofl: :sweat_smile:
(never mind)

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who knows… :rofl: maybe

what you change?? seems you change nothing

Is it working?

im compiling

Sure, But I m sure it will… :sunglasses:

nope username is not appearing

Have you entered username?? to store …
Are you sure u stored username correctly… U may check it with notifier…

yes im sure and messages still duplicating


I didn’t done anything about duplicating… (as you title of form)

look at database


okh, I must have done it for you but I am working for a project which needs to be submitted tommorow… I will solve it if you say tommorrow evening or do it yourself:

I just found that you were using tag “username” to store username and
calling on Screen2 “usename” thats why if tag not there was loading…
Hope it helps you :slightly_frowning_face:

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i have fixed it before

my problem is message duplication