Get value in Airtable

I’m new to using Airtable.I realized it looks like fusion table.

My question is how do I get values (1,2,3) ​​from a Device_ID?

how to make sure that when you select 1 in listview all the data in column A that has only number 1 will appear

Exemple: (H,R) (J,D) .i will put in Grid view



get column list of device id, and use get cell, with index in list,


I will try it .

Can you explain me this please ? is for the 2nd question?

I want to obtain the values separately in different label (1),(2),(3).

second question is to obtain row 1 values like this (H,R),(J,D).
if row 2,values like this (B,F) ,(S,D). that I’m going to put in progress on Gridview.

this is value to set, when every time to use it to get cell, so it know which cell you have called, as i am setting that with get call.

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you have to call get row for all at once, and get cell for each cell, as i showed, first try that, then you will know

I can use this block?
am asking because it the block o device_Id when the app start

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And after login in airtable i can get especifique value of user in label.I don’t know what happen

you can try it, and then show me what you got in response

I try like you said but don’t work.

Let me explain it to you.

I’m not using screens,just scroll with the possibilities of true or false visibility to make the app less heavy possible

as soon as the user registers, he grabs his specific data and display on a label that will appear in the other vertical scroll. Also when the user enters the app, the label will always display that value.

many many thanks

thanks for what? I don’t understand …

Are u understand ? help pls

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I’ve been looking for a long time . I got your help today . Many many thanks .:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

yes but you need to understand how it works, you are using method right but make sure your all cell in airtable are fill if there is any empty cell airtable will not work at all.

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Using the same method? your block?

Knowing the device_ID,how to pick up values attached to this device or exemplo?

device id function will work after compiling apk, make sure you have checked it after compiling apk not in companion.