Goodbye Airtable, a shame

With the new limitations and costs, Airtable became inaccessible to many and unusable.
Although the problem of 1000 records is not serious, the limitation of monthly queries is.

API calls per month = 1000 (It even seems like a joke)

I am recently finishing an update of an application that has approximately 2000 users and is mainly based on Airtable, where queries are constantly made to the DB, so it is no longer useless to continue.

At the moment it is decided to migrate everything to BaseRow and practically redo the project again.
and until then I will launch the promised update and pay for at least 2 months of Airtable

It’s really frustrating :sob:

What opinion do you have about Airtable?

use self hosting with baserow… no limitation, just hosting cost

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Sorry but I don’t understand, why have your own accommodation?
I will be new to baserow, I had some experiences but I don’t know its limitations in terms of transfer rate, beyond 3k records

As the Company Grows Bigger it gets Commercialised to such an extent that it does not value it’s freebie customers.
Airtable is one of the best of database Sites I have seen so far.

A Suggestion You can use SQL.
Byethost provides free Subdomain hosting, where you can access your SQL. It will be better

It happened with Kodular, it happened with Airtable and it will also happen with BaseRow

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Yes friend, I have a domain and paid hosting, the problem is not using one or the other, but having to migrate the entire project

You can export the airtable table as CSV and Upload CSV to SQL (PHPmyAdmin)

Edit: you can also use a Variety of automations like Pipedream etc.

But how to write blocks, how to connect that with hosting. Can you please please post a proper guide and help us, it will be a huge favour @Holmsync

Ok I will try :smiley:


Refer this one

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you understood the real problem and work involved.
Baserow is relatively simple, the cumbersome thing is that it handles numerical values ​​and lists up to 100 records and you must use pagination, the good thing is that you can apply filters directly.

When I refer to migrating, I’m talking about reassembling all the blocks, functions, etc.

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Really? Its time to leave Airtable

It is a Really Tough Task but no one can do anything. It’s only Team Airtable you have to Tell on twitter. They are relatively Active there

Next time what you can do is call your Data Everytime the App Loads and Store it in your In App SQL. This will make code and Function of your better simultaneously.
Fetch complete data nd store it at once in the in app SQL.
The long task of migration will be reduced to a large extent

Time to leave the airtable and move to alternative.

SQL is too easy then airtable even faster

But i don’t know how to use and implement it. Can you make an example app with some guide ?

You can use NOTION.

Why you all not trying to use Google Spreadsheet…? :thinking:
Is there any issue with this…?

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I think google spreadsheet will also comes with limitations in free plan na.

currently there is no limitations