Google Ad Manager launching to General Availability

We expect to give access to Google Ad Manager components to everyone by the end of September. “End of September” means around the 25th.

During that month, first payouts will start to roll out, meaning we would be able to have tested all features in the integration. Once the first payouts have been properly delivered, we would be able to confirm all features work properly, so everyone can get automatic access and start monetizing their apps with Google Ad Manager.


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I am using Google Ads Manager in my apps.fill rate and ECPM is great as comapre to all other monetizetion network۔
Thanks Kodular Team.You done a Great work.


Hey, I wanted to ask a question.
When does Google ad manager SDK initialise? First ad load or screen 1 ?
In my experience, it is taking around 3-4 second for first ad load and because of that impression are getting missed. It there any way to initialise ad SDK on app launch?
It will help users to get more impressions.

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First payouts will be issued by Wednesday. We expect to allow all users to apply for a Google Ad Manager account by Saturday.
Next Kodular Creator update will hide Google Admob components, meaning all monetization through Google must be done with our custom Ad Exchange integration.


My one app alrdy in google admanger.
I want to add another app.

What is the procedure?? I added that app in google admanger and add all ad component and google id is this enough??

Yes, you only have to register that new app in your Google Ad Manager child account, and get the App ID to paste it in Kodular Creator.

It will take time to show ads in new app??

If it is new app then my suggestion will be to wait for atleast 30-40 daily downloads.
By doing this, App’s daily sessions, use time will increase and it will have better rating. Your app will rank better in Play Store, which also means higher chances of higher ecpm and higher number of download as well.


First payouts have been issued:


We will soon open our components to everyone


Which service Kodular use For Bank withdrawl means Remitly or Transferwise etc?