Google payment in google play

hi guys

i want to know if have another way for payment if you don´t have credit card payment
just debit card

I can use credit card of friend ou parents to pay if credit card is required?^

i have that problem now. I just have debit card

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It should be able with debit card.
When I made my payment I made it with debit

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I think this will help you:

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I have opened my google play console using Google pay. You can use upi to make account.

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And how about you ask Google instead of Kodular? I think they can guide you a little better there about their accepted payment methods.


I created my account with my debit card without problems

It probably seems strange to more than one i who can have a card with 14 years (now 15) :sweat_smile:


but google play requires a credit card, as your debit card worked

ok, but how to open an upi credit account?

I asked, but no answer

what? can u explain

Not so, you can use a debit card instead

You need a debit card for upi use

Google play console only allow international banks like hdfc sbi icici and debit card Mastercard visa card no indian card allow

Visa is the best card… mastercard will not work. i also tried to use mastercard… but dint work… i use visa card which card…

In my console i am purchase with master card but my bank is hdfc only fepend on bank

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If this is about Google, please ask Google.
This isn’t the right place.