Google Play Console : Issue found: Ad Fraud

There is only one ad in my app. but still reject in Google Play Console Please guide me what shoud to do ?

Mail Got from Google Play Console
" App Status: Rejected

Your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to the policy issue(s) listed below. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

Ad Fraud

We have determined your app contains code to facilitate Ad Fraud.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):


About the Ad Fraud Policy

Ad fraud is strictly prohibited. Ad interactions generated for the purpose of tricking an ad network into believing traffic is from authentic user interest is ad fraud, which is a form of invalid traffic. Ad fraud may be the byproduct of developers implementing ads in disallowed ways, such as showing hidden ads, automatically clicking ads, altering or modifying information and otherwise leveraging non-human actions (spiders, bots, etc.) or human activity designed to produce invalid ad traffic. Invalid traffic and ad fraud is harmful to advertisers, developers, and users, and leads to long-term loss of trust in the mobile Ads ecosystem."

Is this the case…?

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