Google Play Games Leaderboard not showing up when clicking button

I am making a google leaderboard, and it’s meant to show up once you click a button. But when I click the button that the code was assigned to, it doesn’t work, I put this in (
image ) but it doesn’t work. Could someone help? Thank you.

And I know 100% that the leaderboard ID is right, I’ve made sure to check if there’s any differences and there’s no differences.

(to mods, no this is not a double post, it’s a different question to the one i asked that you might be thinking was a double post)

I guess, it will only show up once you upload your app to play store, Have you done it?

Yeah, I put that in, then uploaded it to the google play store, it still doesn’t work

Have you completed all the requirements on play console? Make sure nothing is pending and your changes are live

I haven’t done the
“Add the Play Games Services SDK to your production APK to use the APIs”
task, but I was told that Kodular automatically does that.
I have done everything else though.

My console account shows the same but I get scores everyday, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Do have latest version of play games app installed in your device, may be that will help?

Yep, I just checked, it’s up to date. Two other people have tried to check if the button works, and it doesn’t work for them. Achievements still work and it signs in when you open the app as well. So I wouldn’t know what the problem is.

I could possibly try release it for a second time? I doubt it would work but if there’s nothing wrong it would probably be worth a shot.

If it is signing in then it should work as intended. May be an update will work.

Okay, I’ll give this a shot, hopefully it works.

The update just got accepted and clicking on the button still doesn’t open the leaderboard. Although I did notice that if I hold it down, it does a little vibration. Not a large one though. It should work from the code above, right? There’s no extensions either.

I honestly believe it’s Kodular’s bad. Maybe they messed something up and it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve looked it up so many times and there’s been nothing. I could have done something very minor to break it though (which I doubt).

When you hold any button or image it does a little vibration, it’s not related to your problem.

But I have the same problem, did you find the solution?