Add the Play Games Services SDK to your production APK to use the APIs


I have implemented Google Play Games Leaderboard in one of my game and it works with a testing account but doesn’t work for everyone even after publishing my game to Google Play Store.

Following are written in my Google Play Developer Console and this one step is unfinished. When I click on it it takes me to a Google Documentation page that explains it in androidmanifest.xml which I don’t think is possible with Kodular.

I have followed this tutorial Google Play Games Tutorial and also searched in the community for my issue but couldn’t find anyone talking about it.

So please let me know if you have any solution for this.

This step u can ignore it has been added in Kodular… I also had this problem and I solved it thanks to Google Cloud or something like this i wrote it in my tutorial

This component has one bug also which i got in my app… when i tried sign in i just cant and it was because i had different SHA- 1 key in Google Play console and in Google Cloud Console… So you have to change it in Google Cloud Console (search your app in it and then click on credentials and change the from your google play console)
Good luck in koding

Thanks for responding, I did followed your tutorial and my SHA-1 keys are the same but still it can’t let me sign in from other device after publishing.

Maybe u are still testing… try turn off testing