Need help with Google Play Games

I am unable to launch G-Play Game Services in my game. The loading screen pops up (the notifier like green box with Google Play Games Services written) and before the login option can appear, it seems to be crashing (login options don’t appear) ! Although the game is working fine. Please look at my blocks, I may have been using the incorrect logic as everything on the Google (console side seems to be fine).

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can you share apk for more detailed explanation

I cant succesfuly login game service using Google play games component.We need tutorial

I can’t make it work either.
Is only application ID required?
I use the sign in block, Play Games appears as if I’m logging in, but when I check if the player is logged in the answer is always FALSE.

Can you get to the sign in screen? Like does the account picker option appear at all for you?

Yes, the Google Play Games user selection appears normally. Just use the Sign In block with FALSE to force the selection always.
The problem is that after choosing the user even though it seems that everything went well, the answer when I check if it is logged in is FALSE.
Does anyone confirm that this component is really working?
My project is stopped at this point since from here I need to know the condition of the user to take proper action.

Can you post the pictures of your block relating to Play Games? Maybe we can learn some and teach some from it

I followed this tutorial:

I was doing something very wrong, not using the correct SHA1 key.
Sorry for my failure friends, the component works perfectly!

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If you don’t mind can you sorta make a tutorial to help others? I haven’t been able to make it work yet.

And where do we get the correct SHA1 key? The default don’t work?

Just follow the tutorial I put above and the moment you ask for the SHA1 key to generate OAuth 2.0, use the SHA1 Keystore which is located in Account> Settings on the Kodular panel.

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