Need tutorial for using Google Play Games Component

Can anyone from the community make a guide or detailed tutorial on Google Play Games Component?
I am unable to use it, I will be grateful if anyone makes it.

Will try to make it.
Thanks for suggestion. :slight_smile:

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Would you mind not showing what have you tried?
If you’ve mistaken somewhere we will help you out… :blush:

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I have taken app id from console and put it in the app code,
I installed the apk on phone and tried to sign in via play games, it just shows loading play games and then ends, nothing else happens.

You should show your blocks.
I found that I need to have Play Console account to get app ID but I do not have play console account, so I can not get app ID. :sweat_smile:

No blocks particularly, I have already told the logic here:

Did you test your app in the Companion or downloaded it?

After Downloading Wait a minute i’m uploading a video to demonstrate the issue.

I have one video (Hindi) link regarding Google Play games in Kodular.

If you want to watch it, i will PM you. (Video is not in English)

I have changed category to #off-topic

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But Why? It is not a off topic?

I think this is not a question or bug. You want a guide. Am i right? Therefore i changed it in offtopic

Added a video please check

Send me also

Images unavaible but you can follow text guide

That’s for leader board and I appreciate it, but how to sign in? That wasn’t mentioned in the post.

Have you tried this :point_down: block

As mentioned there if use Last Account property is set to true then it will directly sign in the user or else it will show choose account dialogue.
After that Signed In event will be raised where you can continue with your further app flow.

Also I have now changed the category and title of this topic

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Yes, I have

That’s third change :sweat_smile: I think everyone is confused with the category of this topic. :crazy_face: :partying_face:

I think, everyone is considering themselves as moderator :joy::joy:


You uploaded a video showing the error. And also tried using Sign in method as you said earlier. Can you show that blocks?

Also regarding changing the category and title, I changed the category from #off-topic to #discuss because I thought this would make the topic more approachable and accessible.
If you want you can change it.

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