Google Play Games Tutorial

Hello! This is my 2nd tutorial… I found some tutorials but it was chaos in it or it was not in English… So i hope i will help you. I will do only Main blocks if u want others then comment! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. Google Play Games Component
    Add Google Play Games component
  • You can see youo dont have to set nothing… BUT you have! so click on Settings → API keys and first box… That we want… There you must get APP ID from google play services from console.
    So this number… ID of project… It is located next your app icon and then paste it in the box…
  1. Adding ID
    After adding your ID we have to add some buttons (to sign in for example)

    There we have all blocks from this component… so lets start with sign in…
  2. Sign in
    So there we Sign in after button click and then we can choose our account (because of false if true then we use last signed account)
    Then we need to Get.Player when we sign in so…
    There it is… When we Sign in we get our player…
  3. Leaderboard
    We need again ID but not of app but of leaderboard which we create in console…

    When screen is opened then we submit our score (which we get from label.text) and it send score to Google leaderboard of your app which is connected by ID of leaderboard.
  4. Achievements
    We have to again get ID from achievement which we create again in google play console

    This one is easy…
    We get our achievement when we open the screen…
    Another kind of achievements is i would say incremental which we decrease total score to get our achievement for example : Score 1000 points
    Again when we open the screen we increment score to get our achievement
    And we can get our menu of achievements from this…
  5. Sign out
    When we click on button we sign out…
    That should be all i hope i helped you… This component has one bug also which i got in my app… when i tried sign in i just cant and it was because i had different SHA- 1 key in Google Play console and in Google Cloud Console… So you have to change it in Google Cloud Console (search your app in it and then click on credentials and change the from your google play console)
    Good luck in koding!


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You’re welcome :grin:

So how exactly would I make it, if they clicked a button, it would open the google play leaderboard? I’ve done this but it doesn’t seem to work.

It should work maybe you have wrong leaderboard ID or app ID

I have checked that many, many times. Google play achievements work so it’s not the app ID

Then try leaderboard ID

I already have, copied and pasted multiple times.

Then try create new button or new leaderboard or new blocks sonetimes it can be these dumb things