How to display Google Leaderboards?

I have used the following blocks:

When I press Button 2 the Google Play Services logo comes up but nothing is displayed.

I have created the leaderboard successfully and entered the correct Google Play Services id as well as the leaderboard id.


I think this can help you…

That’s the guide I followed. I searched the forum for anything to do with Google Leaderboards and came across that topic. I followed it but it says nothing about how to display a leaderboard, just how to set it up and to submit a score.

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Ok. Let me check…

Use tinydb to check first open of app if user opens app first time then loging with google play games.

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He want to show scoreboard…

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I’ve sort of managed to get it working.

However, when I submit a new high score and then display the leaderboard the new high score is not there, just the old one.

The new high score takes anything between a minute to several hours to update. So when I check the leaderboard later on it’s there.

Other games seem to update immediately.


Good job…

Thanks, I’m sure I’ll solve the problem of the slow update at some point.

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I might have to give up on this.

There is no way to retrieve a player’s score from the leaderboard. You can submit a score and view the leaderboard but you can’t get the player’s score.

What I want to do is check if the player’s score exists in the leaderboard. If it is then I want to show it in a label. When the player finishes a game I want to show them if their score beats their best score (from the leaderboard).

This is impossible because there is no way to get the score from the leaderboard.

I have no idea what I will do next as the leaderboard was to be an essential feature of my games.

How did you solved it?

I just added them and hoped for the best. Unfortunately no one has playd my games so I can’t tell if they work or not. Before you publish a game you can test the leaderboads and that’s what I did. The tests worked.

I also have added the leaderboard but it’s not working during test, can you tell me how did your test worked? do I need to upload my apk to play store first? or it will start working after publish?

DO NOT publish yet.

What I did was create the leaderboard and add test emails.

I then downloaded the apk onto my phones and played the game and uploaded the score to the leaderboard.

I then switched gmail accounts on my phones several times so I could get lots of scores.

Once I was satisfied it was working I deleted the test emails and reset the leaderboards.

Then I published the leaderboard and finally the apps themselves.

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Thanks a lot

No problem.