Gridview Selection

Hi, Any idea please!

I have two variables of lists, I put one for gridview elements and other for selections but when I select any elements, it give me only one item!

Your blocks are not enough to understand your problems. Pls post enough blocks with few more words

At a time web viewer will open only one link but as per your procedure you are willing to open one and all

I created two variables: one for gridview elements (contains images) and other for selections (contains urls). If I select each gridview image, should go with urls.

How can I use it in after picking gridview component?

But in your blocks it seems you are not selecting card view but instead you are trying to select from list picking it seems. So, for better understanding pls share your blocks.

your blocks are totally confusing… By this way i have arranged and have taken the index number. so by using this index number i can take the url from thr another list and can pass into web



Thanks a lots, it works now :+1::tulip:

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