(Guide) Advance Search With RecyclerList View Extension

Hello friends today i am going to show you how you can create a advance search system with recyclerview extension. i hope you love this.

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Note:- My english not good so please adjust.

Demo Images


So how to create this

First I call all data form airtable database and store those data in three list variables.


After That i Initialize And Create Custom listview.

After That I Bind The Views

Now i created more 3 list variables

Here i use a little boolean variable with by default value false

its help me to check is any text change or not in textbox

Now on TextBox Text Change I Do The Search System

Now if text change i set the boolian variable to true. because when Recycler List on Bind.

On list item click it also help me

For some reason i can’t abile to upload the aia file. if you want this aia file DM me.

Recyclerview Extension:- (I used Recyclerview 1.0.0 Version)

I Hope you like this guide. Thank you.


Nice but note that in latest version of the extension Set RecyclerList.Count no longer exist only Set Recycler.List data and it is easier to work with get data

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Wow good guide with nice images, though I am still new to this aix but I don’t real want to use the old version

why you don’t want to user the old version??

Because manipulating whole data it is much easier using dataitem especially for custom search . Also no need to use any components blocks, instead better is to use dictionary blocks

For sure with the new version @dora_paz helped to fix my project with only few 228 blocks

see the design

I am real happy

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