Help for Web Call response

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to create my own app with Kodular for about a week now.
However, I am already failing at my first task.
I would like to write an API for it and add a small login field.
The block is structured as follows:

However, now I have the problem that after I have accessed the URL, only one file is available.

the URL looks like this:

To test, I just returned a jason with some information.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong now.

Maybe one of you can help me and show me the error?
Thank you in advance for your help

Use block when Web1.Got Text, the you can process it depending on your json response, you may need to use extension to parse json i.e JSONTools

I’ve tried it and don’t get any output.
here is the block for it:

Show the result of label4 and label5

I don’t get any feedback.

However, if I use got file, then I get the file name displayed


I tried you api above and i do get response from that, what’s really the problem?

How did you do that? Nothing is displayed in the labels.
Unfortunately I don’t get any display of the json string or anything like that.
I’m just desperate here

Click “Do it” to make sure that your label was populated with response content

OK, now I don’t understand anything anymore.
If I now do “Do it”, what I enter is shown to me, but not what I expect from calling the URL.
The return values of the web call should be displayed

Did you set visibility of your label to false?

Or maybe you put your label inside horizontal/vertical arrangement that you set visible to false

Perhaps you can screenshot by what you said was not displayed

No I have not.

after I clicked “Login” nothing is shown to me.

Have you tested your api through postman or something to see the response?

in postmann is all fine

Try to put request header block below set url block

unfortunately no change in the problem.
you can try it here:
TFG2(1).aia (2.6 MB)

Nobody has an idea what could be causing this?