Help in Airtable

So As in My recent posts i am still learning airtable
so if i use .got row from airtable and set progress dialog
and there is no data found then how would i stop dialog?
cant find any block related to that

Actually my problem is i am comparing search with list which i cant undewr stand

Post a snapshot of blocks to help me understand better, what you have done so far in coding.

ya i was also thinking that because even i am getting confused


i am making search in a list and if no data got then notifier i set earlier dont stop
but if got then it continue to do procedure and at last stop

I made a list view and then searching on it…

but i am loading data from database directely because it is so big and i set progress dialog when loading
but it dont stop if there is no data related to search

I see! Wait a while…

i just need blocks to stop in no data found

sorry everyone i found myself

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changed some blocks and got

Ok. By the way, I created a block for you! Anyway, Good job. :clap:

it always happen with me when i ask for solution
before other people i get solution now i will first think solution for 1 hour then ask here

Thanks Share it here if it is also working then i will mark that as solution

Take a look at it…

Oh Thanks According To Me It is also working

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