Help me to add new features!

Hi Koders I need help in adding new features in my Notez app.
Check here my app:
I am thinking to add some new features:

  • Backup notes
  • Restore backup notes
  • Add new note by clicking on floating action button
  • Title is not required to create a new note.It will extract automatically.
  • Notes sorting ( suggested by @Ken )

And these features are under consideration:

  • Listen note
  • Load HTML file
  • Save note as HTML file
  • Add note by speaking

Help me to choose features which I should add in next update.:grin:


I like it!

I have a couple of suggestions that aren’t on your list, I hope it’s ok that I share them here:

I think you should add a confirmation notification to “Clear all”, it’s way to easy to delete everything. Something simple would be great, I use this in one of my apps:

Currently the way the list is sorted, the oldest note is at the top.
A feature allowing the user to sort the list by last created/edited would be great.


Thank you .
You suggestions are really helpful to me.
I am just going to add them.Many thanks :heart:


Put reminder it’s help lots of.

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Yes I can do that and I will.:grin:
But there is a problem Kodular made apps can not run in background.:sob:

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Yes I know and I’ll also face same problem. But u have solutions use timer server attach Mac address or IMEI no to send exact person msg in one signal

Thank you for your suggestion.
But I do not think anyone is going to give me device ID or IMEI number for using a notes app.
And it sounds weird that a notes app has sensitive information.


In the name of “testing” I added a bunch of notes. The pull down to refresh feature is creating some issues.
I made a video to show you what I mean:

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Thank you @Ken
It is a known bug in swipe refresh component and is supposed to be fixed in next major release.
So for now I have to work with Colin tree extension.
Did you find any other bug?

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No but if I do I will let you know.

I do however want to mention that some of the fonts are serif and some are sans serif.

For me, this doesn’t look visually appealing.
I prefer sans serif

Thank you once again.
I have set all fonts to serif ( I love serif font and it looks pretty good ) and I am going to release it on tomorrow or can be delayed because my school has opened and I am a regular student:innocent:
And your suggestions are already implemented.
Thanks a lot.

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And here I am with some new features along with what @Ken suggested.


You can call it a sneak peak.