Help me to remove this permission

This is my blocks:

Permission is:
Allow (APP NAME) to access photos, media, and files on your device?

I don’t know which component use this permission.
Can anybody tell me? so that I can remove it if possible.
Thanks in advance.

Tiny_DB does.

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so is there any way to store some data offline without tiny db or with any other component?

It requires a storage permission.

Why not allowing this permission once it’s not a dangerous one?

yes sir but I wanted my app to be permission less but it looks like it is not possible.
I’m just storing some user base settings in that tiny db.
any guidance will be helpful. I’m just a beginner so I do not know much.

If I were you, I’d keep it and not worry because this is the one of the most common permission.


Sorry but I don’t agree with you.
I have a game on app store and I get a lot off bad votes becouse of this permission. And a lot of user don’t install my game when they see this notification. And some users does not allow this permission and then app crash.
I agree that notification is needed when app realy acces in photo and media storage… But if app acces only in privite app storage to acces assets and things in app folder then this permision is not ok. At least it should be writen in other words… Nobody likes to leave some app access to your own photos :wink: would you?

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